I never told yall this story!

Ok if you looked at my little todo list you may have seen that I scratched out 'be inspired my one of my kids at vandy'. So let me tell yall what happened.

It was my last day. I was sooo bummed. I mean I didnt let it show but I was soo sad. That particular day I was working in the sibling playroom. It wasnt too busy that day, but the kids I had were alll over the place, so I constantly had to find new things for them to do, which never lasted very long. They were so cute though...I coulda taken them home! Anyways, those two kids left at 3.45, &&we close at 4, so I start cleaning up. This couple walks in with thier little girl &&were saying they had somewhere to go real quick &&were going to drop her off. I told them we were about to close in 15 minutes, but Id be happy to have her! I suggested painting, she said yes, &&I got out the paint stuff for her. Mind you this is a little chunky, cute as fuck, hispanic girl who I would say is about 7.

So while she's painting, Im cleaning up, because I had alottt to do. I felt bad, because usually I sit and paint with my kids, but I had to get cleaned up before closing. She sat there absolutely silent, painting a little mickey picture while I did what I had to do. When I finished I sat back down with her...she still didnt talk to me. I attempted to make convo with her, asking her about her painting and stuff, but she would just shyly answer and keep painting. I just observed.

When her daddy came back to pick her up, he told me how thankful he was and sorry for being late and everything. I told him it wasnt a problem at all. The little girl had run over to her dad by this point, so I went to grab the paint stuff off the table to clean up. As they were leaving and saying goodbye, the little girl gives her picture to her dad, runs over to me, &&gives me the biggest hug &&smiles up at me, then runs off.

I cried like a pab when they left. That little girl didnt say but about 5 words to me, but hugged me as if I had showed her the best time of her life those past 15-20 minutes...even though I didnt. It just touched me so much so feel appreciated like that. I do what I do not for the accolades or praise, my goal is simply to make my kids happy despite whatever they or a family member may be going though. But seriously, that hug just wrapped up my last day in the most perfect way.

I cant wait to go back next summer.

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