last day of august.

I cant believe september is here already!! But then again, I feel like Ive been here all my life. Like I feel like I grew up here...&&it seems like Ive known the new people Ive met for years. Ive really clicked with alot of great people; I loveee my new friends! We have soo many inside jokes already, &&its obvious that we're rubbing off on each other. I hope we remain close throughout the next few years! Im just loving life right now, cant even lie. No stress my way! Handling my business in these easy ass classes, &&partying on the weekend. Its the life! Im soo anxious to get more involved though. We have out organization fair on thursday, so Im super excited to learn about all there is to do here on campus. I know for sure I want to get involved in the student government and anything involving community service, especially at the childrens hospital across the street!! Ill keep you guys posted :]

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