some realizations.

So I havent been keeping up with my blog like I promised Id try...uhh oops! Hah. Not like that many people read it anyway, with school started and everything. Anyways, something Ive come to realize since my time here at howard..

I should forever show sincere gratitude to hume fogg. As much hell and stress that it put me through, it honestly was all worth it. The classes Im taking are basically the equivalent of what I did in like..9th grade. Ok...actually, Im gonna take a different direction than what I orginally planned. For a minute I was about to talk about how far ahead academically I feel that I am compared to my peers...but thats not even it, when I think about it. What gets me is the lack of just...common sense that some of these people lack. Imma give yall a few examples.

Just now in life science, our teacher was lecturing us on something, &&she had slides to go along with the lecture. She stated a fact like...imma make something up...'all living things grow and develop'. This statement also appeared on the slide. A girl raised her hand...what does she ask? "Soo, are you saying that all living things grow and develop??" .... -____- I actually said 'wow' out loud at that point. Bitch, what the fuck. SERIOUSLY? Even if you werent listening, that shit is on the slide in bold-fucking-face font. Shit like that pisses me off.

Okay, another example. I take freshman composition on mwf. &&There is a chick in my class that is lacking something major in the brain. Thats mean as hell...but seriously. Everytime we have class, she just asks something off the wall dumb. Fuck, I cant even think of that one question she asked that made me just laugh out loud...but I do remember yesterday, because I sat next to her. So our professor gave us an assignment to print off an article about how to mark a book or whatever...we were supposed to read it and take notes, and sometime last week we had a class discussion on it. A normal person would put the papers in thier notebook to save and refer back to at a later date, right? This bitch raises her hand yesterday, mind you this is a week after we had the class dicussion on the article, and asks "You know that article you told us to print off...do you want us to throw it away??" ...............I had to turn my fucking head. Before I could even turn my head though, Im pretty sure my face looked a little like this --> :O lmao. Imma start writing this shit down, I swear. It doesnt sound as crucial via blog...you just have to be there. Shit. Imma get a better example one day though....

Im sorry. This shit just irks me.

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  1. Anonymous31.8.10

    HAHAHA!! im like cracking up over here! damn..people are so stupid!!


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