love is in the air.

My cousin steve is pretty much like my brother. We have always been super close &&these past few years we've really bonded because he always vacations with us when we go, haha.

Then yall have heard me speak about my friend jewel who just graduated from howard. Ive known her for foreverrrr. Ive always looked up to her because she is such a leader &&is always on her shit.

Well back when those two were seniors in high school...so like 4 years ago...they started dating. They met through a competition they were both in at the time. When I found out they were going together I was superrr excited because I knew jewel was perrrfect for him. By the time they graduated, I was referring to her as my cousin in law because I just knew that they were going to stay together for a longggg time.

They both go off to college-jewel to dc, &&jr here in nashville. That first year being apart was really rough with them not being able to see each other but a few times during the school year...so sophomore year, they broke up &&started seeing other people. Even so, they still kept in touch and remained very good friends. &&Even when jr was going out on dates with other girls, he would tell me how much he missed jewel &&that he was gonna marry her one day. Im like, mhmm sure haha. But in the back of my mind I still had hope for them.

Last year, they stopped seeing other people &&started talking back serious again &&everything. It didnt surprise me, &&I was super happy about it. Jr would tell me time &&time again how he knew this was his wife &&didnt want no one else. Once agin, Id laugh it off, because they're still young and in school in stuff.

So about a week ago, jr tells me he's going to propose to her...soon. I was like whatttt? &&A few days later, he sends me a photo of a ring. So Im like, holy cow, he is serious. &&Some days later, we talked on the phone, &&he told me all his plans for how he was going to do so. Whats funny is that same morning when I went to lunch with jewel, she was saying how she thought her and jr were going to get engaged soon! I wanted to say something sooo bad, but obviously I kept quiet.

On friday, he proposed, &&obviously she said yes. I called them later on to congratulate them, &&I wanted to cry. Their relationship gives me hope for any of my future relationships honestly. If they can do it, anyone can...I mean talk about long distance!?! &&She's moving to cali next week! But I know without a shadow of a doubt they they will stay together, &&I look forward to the wedding :]


  1. This warms my heart so much. :]
    I'm so beyond happy for them. :D

  2. aww i do agree there is still true love out there..!


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