new tats!

Ok so like I said, I got my second set of tats today...so its really like my second tattoo, but at the same time, its really my 3rd and fourth :P. But, I ended up getting the bows on my hips that I spoke about, soooo here they are!

I love them! They're kinda sore now though because they're already starting to scab up :[. But my wing tats only peeled for like 4 days, so hopefully these will heal quickly too. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, THIS SHIT HURT LIKE HELL. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, I think its safe to say, but when I tell you that I was ready to change my mind &&only get one bow for a few seconds, like Im not kidding. It was so bad, that I literally could not breathe. The pain just took my breath away, no lie. &&It seemed like it was taking an eternity to finish. I died a little bit on the inside everytime the needle touched my skin. It was badddd, haha. But he said the hips are one of the most sensitive places to get tatted, so it was expected...but gahhhdamn, I didnt think itd be THAT bad. Glad its over, &&I loveeee the end product, so its all gucci :]. I gotta tell my mama today :P. She'll probaby freak, but its expected lol.

&&sorry for all the nakedness in the picture, lol.


  1. how CUTE! I know that HURT! My only 2 are on my back, and it wasn't that bad at all...but I am ADDICTED now girl!


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