this bullshit ass illuminati mess.

Okay, I been wanting to post about this shit for a long ass time &&I feel like now is a better time than ever because its fucking ALL I hear about these days. Its all over youtube &&tumblr &&just fucking everywhere.

I WISH EVERYONE WOULD SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT. If indeed this bullshit is real, what does that have to do with YOU personally? Please explain, because I dont get it. Entertainers are not out there to be our friends or to fucking please us with everything they do. &&Honestly, what they believe and do in their personal lives is NONE of our business. It just happens that all this shit is out in the public eye because of the media &&nosey ass paparazzi that have too much time on their hands. Yall act like if yall listen to thier music, which youve been listening to allll this time before this shit came out, then yall gonna be hypnotized into that shit. Is your faith in your religion that weak? Seriously, you will not die if you listen to thier music. You wont be sucked into the bullshit. Sooo just chill the fuck out. Everybody knows about this shit, &&apparently everyone and they mama is in it. Its not gonna just go away either. Im not saying to embrace it or necessarily support it, if its true, but it is possible to enjoy someone's work, &&not thier lifestyle. For example, the majority of actors out there believe in scientology, but I still enjoy the movies they star in...&&I definately dont believe in the cos.

So thats all Im saying. I dont think it has to be so crucial to the point that you dont listen to riri or jay-z or alicia keys or kanye or watch lebron&&kobe play ball at all. Because honestly, the people involved in this mess are the BIGGEST artists and athletes of our time...you cant escape it!

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