my last two days...

Its really surreal to me. But Im definately ready, I know that for sure. This past week Ive been spending plenty of time with the people that I love and will miss the most, so now that we've said our see you laters, Im ready to bounceee. Except not really, because I havent packed a single article of clothing. Smh. So after I get my hair done today &&go to the mall, the rest of my night shall be dedicated to packing! Ill let yall know how it goes.

On a random note, I love tahj mowry. Always have. He is BAD. Have yall seen him lately? Haha, I follow him on twitter, &&this morning he posted this video of him singing...check it out!


  1. what?!?!?
    1. when did he get sexy??
    2. when did he start singing?

    this is HOT!

  2. Anonymous29.8.10

    same thoughts as abovee ^_^
    jesus christt that was sexyy !


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