Why I love HU.

This first week has honestly lived up to be wayyy beyond my expectations. I knew it would be hype, but goodness! Ive loved every minute of it though, even though my body disagrees. I feel completely comfortable here &&I know that Im going to enjoy the next 3 or 4 years I have to be here. Im sooo sorry for neglecting my blog, but Im doing my best! Anywho, here is a list of the things I love the most about howard thus far.

  • The city;; Coming from little ass nashville to a city like dc is a hugeeee upgrade. The city seriously never sleeps! Theres is always a multitude of things to do, places to go, sights to see, places to eat, malls to shop at...it never ends. The people here arent as friendly, but thats expected. Besides that, I love it! I mean, where else can you find a ice cream man at 4am that sells not only ice cream, but legit food like hamburgers?! Exactly.
  • The diversity;; I love the diverse group of people that hu has! Yes, we are probably 99% black, but within the black people are sooo many subgroups of people. But what I really love is how we are all from different parts of the world. Ive met people from canada, trinidad, damn near every other island in the carribean, and even paris. Ive been learning slang from all these different places &&I loveee hearing all the different accents. Apparently, my country accent is really thick, lol.
  • The fashion;; Minus a handfull of people that Ive seen around campus, everyone here has a greatttt sense of style! No one up here holds back or judges based on appearance. Ive never seen so many dudes who can dress they asses off. Im talking freshhh all the time! &&The girls stay on top of they shit like no other...I love it.
  • The dudes;; Like...everyday, I find someone who I would like to marry. Its that crucial. The guys up here just have this...thing about them that makes them extra special-I cant even put my finger on what it is. &&Not only do they look good and have swag and are personable..BUT THEY ARE SMART AS FUCK! Which is a MAJOR turn on for me. There is nothing better than a man who has a plan and goals for his life. Thats just fucking sexy. Shit.
  • The campus pals;; They are the hypest group of people Ive ever encountered in my life. Everyday they had something fun planned for us to do. I love them. I want to be one. They really have made this week something special and memorable.
  • My new friends;; First off, ashley is great!! We are sooo much alike, &&enjoy all of the same things! Bahah. Ohh man. Yea, I love her. All the girls on my hall are the shit...&&everyone else that Ive met is just super cool. I can tell some of these people are going to be lifelong friends :]
Theres alot more, but those are the biggest things. Yes, I do miss everyone back home and I havent forgotten about you guys, its just that Im sooo busy all the time, especially now that classes have started. But like I said, Ill do my best to keep updating when I can :]

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  1. Howard sounds very live considering what you've wrote about it. I never knew much about your school, but I'm glad you're really enjoying it in D.C.


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