army brat.

Sooo umm yeah, school is wonderful. Happy that its fridayyy! Fucked up friday, to be exact ;] bow!!! Not sure exactly what Im getting into tonight...tyga is in town! I realllly want to go see him, but I have no idea where he is going to be. We trying to see travie mccoy tomorrow too. &&Ive heard rumors that mr steal yo girl himself may make an appearance on campus this weekend...he and monica perform here tmr on their tour. I was supposeeeed to be going, but never got around to buying tickets, and now they cost almost 80 a pop. No bueno. Im literally a broke college student. I have no money. Im not exaggerating. Well, maybe a little...since I am going to the mall after class today with the trio :]

Ohhh, another thing thats new and that Im excited about- So a group of freshman dudes with the help of a few seniors put together this spirit group called blue crew...so of course I joined!! They need my loud ass!! Wednesday our girls had their first home volleyball game, and the crew went and got that shit hype! I cant imagine how itll be for the bball and football games! Basically you pay a $40 fee and you get to go to ALL of the home and select away games for the freeski...all you pay for out of your pocket is food. Its almost too good to be true! Im so excited...yall be on the lookout for us if yall play us in any sport...because we WILL be there. Track, swimming, bball, soccer, alllll that. BLUE CREW :D !!!

Okay, thats enough of my rambling...I dont have much to say anymore because for english we're required to write a journal entry everyday...so all of my good thoughts go there. Lo siento :[ Ill try to do better :]

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