So basically up here in dc, we're smoldering. Like 90 degrees minimum every day day. WE ARE DYING. There is so ecape from the heat, ESPECIALLY since us girls living here in the quad have NO AIR CONDITIONING! WTF. Luckily, my microfridge just came in yesterday so I can finally have cold drinks on hand, but it honestly doesnt even help at this point. Im sweating as we speak, and Im not doing shit but sitting here in front of my fan! Its a serious problem; someone is going to die, deadass.

ANYWAYS, the heat makes me exhausteddd. Like Im constantly on lazy mode simply because its too damn hot to go anywhere or do anything productive. Needless to say, I sleep whenever I can in as little clothing as possible. Today after convocation, me and jenna came back up to my room...and I was doing laundry...until I got hot...and I layed down...&&ashley caught us like this when she returned from her class...

Our friends nic and jr have this twitter trending topic they created called #collegesnoozers where they basically twitpic anyone they see sleeping in class...its hilarious! When he saw ashley had twitpic'd this, he instantly retweeted, so me and jenna are officially college snoozers. damn. Lmao!!

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  1. This picture is hilarious.

  2. lmao. I hate being hotttt. I'd rather freeze.. well actually.. I just like to be comfortable.

  3. Lmao. I love your blog.
    Great Post. <3
    http://145thandchloe.blogspot.com/ I think you'll enjoy it.


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