I was definately choosen to be a part of a live taping today with MSNBC's Education Nation Week. How exciting is that? I didnt speak or anything, but just the experience of being there and hearing what U.S. secretary of education Duncan had to say about his new TEACH program was enough for me! I know for sure that I wouldnt recieve opportunities like this at any other school. Ive been on tv twice, and school has only been in session for a little over a month!! I love howard, like deadass. I could not see myself anywhere else at this point. There are just so many positive things going on here all the time...what more could I ask for? :]

Btw, tonight is the big unveiling of the homecoming lineup. For those who dont know, HU homecoming is ALWAYS epic and one of the most anticipated. We always have an amazing lineup-Im talking big time celebs. Im so excited to hear who all is coming!! :D Ill let you guys know asap!

If you want to see the program HU was featured on, just go to msnbc.msn.com and itll probably be on there somewhere..Im actually not sure if you can see me in the audience, but you should listen to whats being said anyway. Veryyy interesting stuff!

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