damn snooze button.

Yesterday I overslept for  my 8.10 class. I was soooo disappointed in myself. I dont know how I even did it! Ive started taking my showers at night so that I can sleep an extra 30 mins in the morning, &&I set all of my stuff out for the next day so that all I have to do is brush my teeth, wash up, throw on the clothes and go...smh. Thing is, I woke up on time! I just happened to go back to sleep...&&woke up ten minutes after the class had already started. What makes it worse it that I set 5 freaking alarms. Two on my alarm clock radio &&three on my phone...&&I still didnt get up. I actually would have gone to class, but its only 50 minutes long, &&I wasnt about to go just to sit in there for like 15 mins...no deal. But luckily it was only psych, &&we dont do anything in that class but take notes, &&I didnt miss a quiz or anything. My girl raessa got my back &&is gonna let me copy her notes! Hah, she was in the same predicament last week &&I had to help her out. So this morning, I got up at 6.45...just for the heck of it. My first class today isnt until 9.40, but Im gonna try to get my body adjusted to waking up at this time everyday...&&this way ill be able to always get breakfast! Lol.

College life is rough.

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  1. Omgosh, I know the feeling! I missed my very first Biology lab two weeks ago. I set my alarm for 6:30, and it either didn't go off or I didn't hear it. Either way, the lab started at 8:00 AM and wasn't supposed to end until 11:00 AM. By the time I finally woke up, it was 9:00 AM. I wasn't about to go to lab and be in there for an hour, because I still needed to brush my teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, all that other stuff... PLUS it was like a 15-20 minute walk to the lab building, and I didn't know how to get there. I found out last week that they got out of the lab at like 9:30, so there really was no point of me going in the first place.

    It's good that you're trying to adjust your body into waking up early. I hope you don't oversleep again!


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