Ok so as yall know, I have a mohawk. My reasoning as to why I got the mohawk was simple-less hair, less hassle...except I was wrong. Having short hair is soooo much harder than having long hair. There isnt as much you can do with a mohawk as I invisioned...lol. So since Ive had it, Ive been just wearing it straight back or to the side...but heres the thing. I havent had a perm in almost two months, so my hair is superrr nappy in the middle. So wearing it straight back doesnt last very long, especially in this heat. I guess thats because I just wet it and slick it back as opposed to flat ironing it...I just dont have time! Anyways, I was getting tired of walking around campus looking crazy. So, I went to our on campus hair store...yes, a legit chinese owned, black people hair store, &&got some stuff that I could use on my head...

SUCCESS! I finally figured out how Im going to wear my hair 99.8% of the time...curly mohawk!! Lmao. Its so cute though. I kinda just went out on a limb and tried this style, not knowing if I was executing it correctly, but I did! Sooo heres what I did.

I washed my hair with designs conditioning shampoo, which is the shit, by the way. I didnt dry it, &&sprayed motions leave in conditioner all over. While it was still wet, I curled the long part of my mohawk with cold wave rods. When I finished, I dabbed some motions light styling foam onto each curler section, &&finished by spraying on a little of motions light hold spritz. For the sides of my head, I simply rubbed in some stuff called texture my way &&brushed it down. Obviously I slept in a sleep cap haha. This morning, I took out the curling rods, and fingered through each little curl to separate them. I then got a handful of luster's pink hair lotion and fingered though my hold head, making sure to distribute the lotion evenly. I used motions oil sheen to top it off, along with a little more holding spritz, &&I put some tea-tree grow hair conditioner ont he sides &&brushed them down. &&Ta-da! Its done! &&From the looks of it, this should last me until saturday...if not, Ill just wash it, &&start over again. Im sooo glad I finally found a style thats easy to create...it means alot to someone like me who is hair-illiterate! :D


  1. I. love. this. when I first shaved the sides and back of my head and went through the "oh shit, what am I gonna do now" phase I turned to curly mohawks. I love them. Two thumbs definitely.

  2. i love your bow mama! :)

  3. Proud of you! I can't believe you did that by yourself! :D

  4. Your hair is pretty. :]


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