frazier 3rd.

So up here at howard I live in the all freshman girl's dorm called the quad. Its five separate dorm halls that form a lil quadrangle or whatever. I live in frazier 3rd floor...&&let me just tell you I LOVE MY GIRLS. Like seriously, they are the shit. Im pretty sure we're the closest floor in the whole quad. All of us are cool, minus like two but fuck it. We stay doing something crazy like having random ass floor parties at 1am or some shit. Most of the time you can catch us eating and talking about people in each other's rooms...because theres always some drama going on. I love it. I love them. We're the shit. Get like us bitch.

That was sooo not what I intended to post...I actually had no idea what I wanted to post about...just felt the need to..Ill come back later, lmao :P

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  1. OMG! You seem like your having so much fun in college.. UGHHhhh, I have such a long way to go.


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