quick update of my classes and whatnot...cuz im bored.

Psych: Love this class, the teacher is a trip. Very interesting and SUPER easy for me since this class and my human development class go hand in hand. Only dislike is the fact that its my 8.10 class. But, its not terrible in that aspect.

Freshman Comp: I hated this class at first, but it gets better everyday. As we speak, Im supposed to be writing my first paper for it :P. Veryyy small class, we do alot of discussing. This is going to be a veryyyy easy A :]

Choir: Basically our choir director is the cutest thing ever :] Hes a little old man who talks hella bad to us then expresses his love for us all in the same hour. Our first performance is next friday at our convocation, &&he already has tours planned out for us! Its gonna be a great year, I can tell already.

Freshman Orientaion: I still see no purpose of this class, but whatever, another easy A...even though I missed the first assignment :P. Its a fresh o. especially for human development majors, so its cool getting to meet my fellow school of e peers!

Basic math: Another easy A. Im slick becoming a teachers pet unintentionally because Im like the only person in this 4-5 person class [no bullshit, thats how many of us there are on average...never more than 5] who actually gives a shit and does my work constantly. Its hella boring though, but its a breeze.

Life Sci: This is going to be my problem class. Both of my teachers [lecture and lab] have heavy ass accents and are NOT good teachers...mainly my lecture teacher, which is the more important one. &&Everyone knows that Im noooo good at science, so Im already struggling. Ugh! But imma try to keep up best I can.

Human development: Definately my most interesting class. Ive already learned so much. Sometime the teacher can be really boring, but I try to look past that and focus on the material...then the class becomes fun. Another easy class :]

&&Besides my classes, Ive been super busy with blue crew and Im about to start getting involved with various orgs around campus, including the school of education student council. I love how busy I am! &&Yet I still have time to party and whatnot on the weekends! This is seriously the life! :]

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  1. OMG! You sound so lucky! Make sure you take time to recoop though.


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