Mr. Brown.

So yesterday me and him were texting...&&its never until we start texting that I realize how much I miss that boy! Now, dont get me wrong, Im definately over the breakup stage and shit, lol, its not like 'ohhh man I wish I could be with him again' or anything, I just miss the hell out of him! Its crazy just going from talking to and seeing somebody damn near everyday for 8 years, and then all of a sudden you guys live a good 600 miles apart and only speak like once a week for a brief moment. Its like Im having a bb withdrawal! Lmao. Even after we broke up in april, we still remained veryyy close over the summer, up until the last few weeks, which sucked, but considering the situation that occured, it was expected. So it always makes my day when I see his name pop up in my phone. Hopefully when I go home Ill get to see him, even though he stays busy. I just seriously hope we always remain friends...I know we'll never be what we used to be, but just knowing that he would be there for me if I ever really needed him is enough for me, because he knows I always have his back :]. We have been though toooo much together to just let this die. I love that boy with everything in me <333. Miss you pumpkin!!!

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