new sense of styleee.

So since Ive been here at howard, Ive already done quite a bit of shopping for my wardrobe. Id said in an earlier post how excited I was about moving to a new place, &&how easy it would be to change up my style. Im already starting to dress differently and trying out new styles. I love it! So here are my current style obsessions that Im into:
  • Oversized; I loveee oversized shirts. I have a little pudge, &&I love the fact that an oversized shirt covers it up, while still looking cute! Usually Ill wear an oversized or off the shoulder shirt with leggings or shorts. Plus, its super comfy!
  • Midriff tops; They're coming back in style, if you couldnt tell. The girls up here liveee in them hoes. Back home, I never saw a girl rock one, but up here its a daily sight. I love it! Its so old school. Only thing is, its not for everyyybody, lmao. Ive actually done it once though! My 'will work for shoes' shirt shrunk in the wash a while back, so its superr short and wide. I didnt think Id ever wear it again, but I brought it with me up here anyway...&&now I wear it as a midriff! But because of my pudge, I wore it with a high waisted mini skirt...yall saw the pictures in my post a while back. Im loving this new trend.
  • Army-esque wear; Dark greens, khakis, &&more blacks are slowly creeping into my closet. I love the whole military look...yall saw my pics a few days ago with my army nurse shirt on...i wore it with khaki shorts and my black toms. I just bought some khaki skinnys, a dark green button up, and a dark green skirt yesterday also. &&With my buzz cut sides, I really feel legit when I dress like that :P
  • Nautical colors; Red, navy, and gold are my favorite colors to wear these days. Stripes are a must! I wear my red and navy keds with everything. Gold buttons are like my weakness-if I see something with them then I must buy it. I think I posted a picture of me with my red cardigan with the gold buttons &&my navy dress and red keds and gold jewlery? Yea, thats like one of my favorite outfits. Loveee!
  • Sweatshirts; I loveee sweatshirts, &&they will definately be a must for the harsh winter months here in dc. I have a hello kitty one, a smiley face one, a snoopy one, and one that says peace...I think thats it. They're so comfy :]
  • Hats; So I was in h&m yesterday, &&while my friends were checking out, I tried on a teal hat from the mens dept, just messing around. But when I looked in the mirror, I loved how it looked on me! Not only that, but when I showed ashley, she said the same, &&two random dudes also said they liked that look on me....so I bought it. &&Wore it the rest of the night. Ayana said I looked poppin :P. I like the look on me, so Im gonna buy more and start wearing them! I really want a snapback when I get my money up :] But until then, these $6 hats from h&m will do just fine :D
  • Oxfords; I dont have any yet, but I NEED some in my life. I saw the cutest pair at urban outfitters yesterday-they were leapord print!! They didnt have my size though, so I was bummed :[
Yea, thats basically it. Im slowly becoming addicted to clothing...not a good thing. Well, I guess its not tooo bad :D


  1. lmfaao, oxfords but you don't have any yet! Are we the same or what? SMH.

  2. I love your sense of style.

  3. I love the midriff tops too! I actually just bought one a few days ago and wore it today! :) and I also neeed a pair of oxfords!!


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