This morning I just woke up thinking about the past year or two of my life and how much has gone on in that period of time....&&ALOT has gone on! The thing is, most of those things are not positive...I have a TON of regrets.

On everything, If I could I would go back to summer '09 and just start all over. I acted a damn fool that summer; Im talking bad relationship choices out the ass. Some of those choices came back to bite me in the ass too not too long ago, &&that shit rocked my world. I have a whole new mentality about certain things now. I dont wanna repeat of any of that shit. Never again. I refuseee to be that person around campus known as easy or whatever else. This is my opportunity to start over, &&thats what I plan to do. I just cant shake my past out of my mind though. How could I be so stupid, like seriously. Never just thinking about the possible consequences of my actions. The hell? I am sooo much  better than that. I seriously could have fucked my self over in the worst way. Shit, I almost did, real talk.

The reason I think Ive been thinking about it so much is that the HIV rate up here in dc is like 1 in 4, or 3% of all residents...no bullshit. THE FUCK!?! When I heard that, I was like, aww HELL YEA my ass is gonna be cellibate like a motherfucker. No sexing from sandi will be occuring, real talk, unless I get a long term, serious boyfriend and BEST BELIEVE we going to the clinic together to get tested. Like, shit is no joke. Thats scary as fuck. I looked up the rates for tennessee...that shit is high too!!! Its no joke. Most people my age only worry about stds or whatever, but young people get hiv too! So just go get tested!! Like, asap! You AND your partner. Because you really never know!

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  1. Those statistics scare me. Real talk. I'm glad that you're more aware now, though, and that you realize the mistakes you made in your past. The past is in the past though, so dwell on it for too long, Sandi. Like you said, this is the perfect opportunity for you to start all over. Let these people get to know the real you.


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