I was expecting to do like a long ass post on the vma's like I do for most award shows...but that shit dont deserve one. I havent been that disappointed about an awards show in a minute. There was no drama, besides all the shots fired by the host chelsea lmao, that bitch was goin IN...but no celeb drama. Gaga won fucking EVERYTHING...UGH! I love her but shit, can we spread the love? The performances were just okay, nothing spectacular from anyone...fucking queen bey wasnt even in the house, &&nicki only performed pre-show. Kanyes 'big finale' was nothing amazing like I expect from his creative genius...I did like the song though :] "Let's have a toast for the douchbagssss, let's have a toast for the assholeeeess..." The show in general went by hella fast for some reason....Im just upset. So forgetable. If you missed it, I dont even recommend you watch, seriously. Waste of time. Whatever though...lol.

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  1. The show was terrible compared to previous shows (like last year BAHAHA!) I loved JB's performance though. I thought he did amazing. It was one of his best live performances, imo. Chelsea was going in on everyone... It's funny how barely anyone was laughing though. She just laughed at her own humor. Lame.

    Nicki Minaj's performance was fucking dumb as hell. As great of a performer that she is, she could've done a bagillion times better.


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