what is my type?

Okay, so the girl-boy ratio up here is like 8:1..in my class there are 2100 girls and 400 guys i believe? Anyways, that leads me to this--dudes here are SUPER THIRSTY. Like, if I was a dude, I wouldnt even be trippin, at least not this early in the game. We've been in school for only 3 full weeks, and dudes already trying to cuff girls and shit!

Which brings me to this...I never used to say 'cuff' back home...now I use that word atleast 20 times a day. Its like the #1 trending topic around hu probably lmao. My roomie ashley is the 'cuffmaster' because a new dude comes onto her everryyyyday, &&this trick be leading them on as if shes actually interested...hahaha. I love her. Her name in my phone is 'cuffcake'...she stay getting 'handcuffed' and she can neverrrr find her key :P. Haha, okay Im off her ass.

So back to what I was saying...its crazy how desperate dudes here are to get into relationships. One of the good friends Ive made up here who shall remain nameless is definately into me. He hasnt said it, but I know. Its sooo fucking obvious. Everyone knows. Thing is, 1-Im not trying to be in a relationship...whyyy would I want to be in one right now? The fuck!? Plus, I havent even met a noteable portion of the rest of my class...this aint no love at first sight type shit! 2-I like him as a friend and onlyyy a friend, &&could never see us together...just to be real, hes not my type!

So now Im asking myself...what is my type?! Physically, I know what I like..but thats only one aspect. There are plentyyy of dudes around campus that I consider eye candy...lets see, some things that catch my eye in a dude physically:
  • You haveeee to be taller than me. none of this same height shit...I just dont dig that.
  • Ive never really been a dark chocolate lover, but one of my new friends quickly changed my mind about that :P. Im honestly not too big on skin tone though....shit, give me a fine ass white boy! &&There is one here that I see allllll the time who is just...perfection. Good lord...
  • Back home, we dont really have quite the abundance of dreadheads as we do here. I like a dude with dreads, as long as he keeps them up and looking nice....really with hair it doesnt matter either, as long as it fits you and is kept tidy :]
  • Shoe game has to be on point...&&Im a sucker for a dude in some nike's but switch it up! I wanna see some chucks, sperrys, vans, toms...I like a dude with a wide variety of shoe styles, ya know?
  • &&You have to know how to dress. Ive dated a dude who couldnt dress, &&that shit just pisses me off. Like, thats the first impression someone gets of you when yall meet...why go around looking like you shop at...the dollar tree, lmao, I couldnt think of an example. &&The thing is, even if you dont shop at all the high end stores and dont wear polo everyday, you can alllways make whatever you have work if you really took the time. But some dudes just dont care, &&its obvious they dont care. I hate that.
  • &&Then other random stuff like physical strength, smile, hygiene [which is actually a HUGE deal for me], athletic ability, etc.
But what is it about a dude that attracts me to him on a level deeper than that? I still dont know. All I know is that I can tell when a dude isnt my type, as in this situation that Im currently in, but I just cant quite put my finger on what it is...crazy, huh?

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