Let it be known...


First off, if you havent, go watch willow's "whip my hair" video...she is SHITING on yall hoes at the mere age of nine. You cant even knock talent...the girl has definitely got "it". She's officially my role model...I mean, she was before, but this just took it to another level.

Secondly, kanye is a fucking genius and if you deny that shit, then I honestly cant be your friend anymore. I am his number one fan, deadass. I have been faitthful in downloading his g.o.o.d. friday tracks every friday as he realeases them, and they are all the SHIT. On my tumblr, I posted the video of him on the ellen show today, so be sure to check it out when you get the time. Im so in love with him. Ive always been a fan, since day oneee. &&I can honestly say that he cannot do anything to make me stop loving him.

OH, &&I cant forget my man diggy, who Ive also been supporting since his first mixtape, back before everybody jumped on his dick all tough since they saw the cipher...smh. But on some real shit, I would do baddd things to him if we ever meet. :]

That is all :]

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