• this blog is slickkk a fail. i never update it anymore, or atleast not regularly, &&no one has time to look at it because everyone is busy with school. soo if i stop posting all together one day, just find me on tumblr, which ill never leave :]
  • school is great, midterms just ended, i got all satisfactories for my classes and im on the right track!
  • blue crew will be travelling to north carolina on friday and staying for the weekend for a football game...needless to say im hypeee!
  • thanksgiving is quickly approaching! im soooo ready to get back to nashville. i miss home like shit.
  • i came across the andinkra symbols of west africa while on tumblr...and now i want all of them tatted on me...actually there are three that im gonna get down my spine.
  • im officially broke...and i honestly dont know how im going to survive next week.
  • but i am very excited about homecoming being next week! its going to be soo live.
think thats about it...so yeah.

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