English class at this point has GOT to be the most pointless thing in the world. Ive taken english every fucking year of my life since 1st grade. IM PRETTY DAMN SURE I KNOW HOW TO SPEAK AND WRITE PROPER ENGLISH BY NOW! Why the FUCK are we required to take this dumb ass class year after year? Ive learned all I can from that class; Im ready to move on dammit! It would be different if I was an english major or some shit, but IM NOT.

Obviously, Im frustrated. Im up writing a dumb ass paper when I could be sleeping. Eff. I hate writing papers with a passion. Even though Im a beast at bullshitting, I dont enjoy it. Waste of time. I have other things to do. Im just ready to finish this bullshit. UGH!

I hate school sometimes.

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  1. I guess society feels as if we will never "master" the English language. I don't know. I don't see how half of the shit they teach us is even relevant.


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