love is...

This is my family on my dad's side. We're such a cute little group, eh?

[starting from the back row, left to right...]
My oldest sister, Kim. Then my daddy! Next to him is my brother Alan.
[back row, left to right...]
My niece Chantae [Kim's oldest daughter], and yes she is older than me. Then my little sister, who is actually my only full-blood siobling [the others are technically half-sibs, but we dont play that in my fam]. She's holding  another one of my nieces, Kayli [Kim's younger daughter]. Then me!! Then my other niece Shana [Alan's daughter], who is also older than me. &&Finally little McKenzie, my great-niece [Shana's daughter].

It's pretty complicated, I know. But we all have so much love for one another. Sadly the occasion we were gathered for was my paternal grandmother's funeral. It was the first time we'd all ever been together in the same place at the same time. Needless to say, it really cheered my dad's spirits to have us all there. He did a pretty good job, dontcha think? :D

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  1. Your family is big and beautiful. Your dad doesn't even look old and he's already a great-grandfather! That's a blessing.


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