things are looking up!

So you know how the other day I was all depressed because I wansnt getting any job offers or internships or anything...well just like that, a few things came up! &&I have my fingers crossed for all of them!

As most of yall know, Im a summer volunteer at Vandy Children's hospital, which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who wants to pursue a job with children or in the medical field...I dont think its too late to apply? Actually, it might be...but its something you should consider for the future! They take volunteers for the school yr too, for all you nashville residents/students. Anywho, I do that once a week, and I love it...but its not enough.

So I google searched human development programs [which is my major] in nashville, and a few orgs and places came up, including Room in the Inn, which I'd heard of before but never looked into. I emailed the director of volunteer services saying I was interested, and she sent me back an app. I'm going to fill it out today and get it back to her, and hopefully they'll give me a position! It isnt paying, but honestly I dont care!

Also, my dad's church has a summer enrichment program for school-aged kids, and he's been working with the pastor, who is a good friend of his, to try and get me a position there as well...which could be paying me up to $400 a week 0_o!!! For me, it probably wont be as much, but money really isnt the motive--I want the experience! My own church also has a summer enrichment program, and Im applying to work there also.

Besides that, Im still waiting to hear back from various odd jobs that I applied for around nashville. So im praying that one of these opportunities will come through for me! Im going to need something to do besides summer school!

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  1. That's great! I want to volunteer at Vandy Children's, but I don't even know where to get started. I guess I should look at their website a little more. Congrats on all the opportunies that have come up for you though!


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