i have the biggest crush.

like...i havent crushed on anyone in a while. of course im always seeing a guy around campus who i think is cute, but its been about a year since ive come across someone who i actually would like to bag. and this is odd to me because im not the type to actually want a relationship...but for him, id change that all around.

idk what attracts me to him. hes definitely far from your stereotypical fine dude. a lot of people probably wouldnt even find him attractive. but i am seriously head over heels in like with him. i get so giddy when im around him, cheesing and all. but my shy ass would never go smack at him. ever.

funny thing is i had him....on my birthday...in the palm of my hands. we were both under the influence and having a goooood ol' time together in a corner somewhere, from what i hear [i cant remember]. i wish i could recall what all happened...well i heard, but id much rather be able to know and re-live it for myself :P

ANYWAYS, this boy is taking over my life. blehhhh. imma just keep my eye on him from a distance...dont wanna act too thirsty.

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