30 day challenge.

I have yet to ever complete one of these challenges, but imma gonna do this one in hopes that I start writing on my blog more. I may do a few a day sometimes though. I just wanna get through them all.

Day One: 5 ways to win my heart

  • food; im a food lover, and i will eat just about anything. cook for me, and i will love you forever. 
  • singing; there are few things sexier than a man who can sing. i just melt. ahhh!
  • take me somewhere; a lot of people dont know this but i love odd outdoor things that most black people dont, such as camping and fishing...i just never go! i have no one to take me! i dont wanna go to dinner or a movie all the time.
  • rub me; lowkey im a puppy dressed up as a human. i love to be pet and rubbed and scratched. so please do these things to me as often as possible. mmmm.
  • intelligence; i mean, who doesnt like a smart man with a plan for his life?

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