Day 2, 3, 4.

Something I feel strongly about.

I have such a passion for kids. I cant even explain it. Everyone who really knows me knows how much I cherish what I do at Vandy. Thats seriously my dream job.

A book I love.

Hmm. I dont read much anymore. I honestly couldnt tell you. And thats sad.

My whole day, bulleted (I'll start from 12:30am)

  • Went out to the valley [one of the yards of our school] for a party thrown for my two friends DJ and Karlton. It was sooo poppin! So many people came out, and we had a great time. I love my class.
  • Stayed out on the yard until about 5 chillin and making rounds. We met Jenna's long lost cousin! We sang songs and acted coonish, as usual. Nights like those are my favorite.
  • Went in and tried to study for my final, but it was a fail. I went to sleep with the intention of waking up at 10 to study some more...
  • Woke up and 10...said fuck that and went back to bed...so I didnt end up studying.
  • Woke up just in the knick of time for my final, went and took it, and came back to the room.
  • Finally did laundry from the cake fight.
  • Took a bomb ass nap.
  • Played sims and downloaded music for hours.
  • Currently chillin, deabting on whether or not to go to the yard later.
BTW, im officially a sophomore. Baaaooowww.

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