I was really feeling myself that day :P I wish the pics were better quality though.


I'm so sick of my city.

I dont know where this hate came from so suddenly, but I want to get out of this city for good.
It has NOTHING to offer me anymore. This has become especially clear since going to school in DC.
I go to school in DC, and my eyes are opened. I'm meeting people from all over the nation and the world, I'm being exposed to new music, food, dances, fashion, slang, languages, etc.
I come back home, and what do I find??
....nothing of substance.
Niggas still fighting, shooting, acting coonish, having kids before they can even graduate highschool...I could go on and on.
It's just sickening to me, honestly.
These kids need to get out of Tennessee. Experience something new.
I feel bougie. *shrug*
The ONLY thing that's gonna keep me coming back home is Vandy and Room in the Inn.
If it werent for that, I would definitely spend my summers at Howard. Smh...

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  1. loving your jean vest <3

    i hate my city too. like, i hate it.


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