I love to promo for my friends :D

Okay, so I have two great sites I need you guys to check out!!


Ashton is a rising junior at my school, Howard U. He's been doing this music thing for a while, but he just recently released his second mixtape, Good Vibes, a few weeks back. It's amaaaazing. He's not your typical wanna-be rapper either, his flow and lyrics are really something special, and he can sing too :P !!! And he's suchhhh a humble guy, even though he has every reason in the world to have a big head. I actually met him my first week of school; I was chillin at his house the day before classes started....ever since then, I've observed his hard work and admired him from afar. He won this year's MTV Hip-Hop Unplugged competition, by the way, so he's gonna blow up reallll soon. Please support and download his mixtape HERE.I promise it will be worth your time and your ears will thank you!! Also, be sure to visit his official website, www.ashtontravis.com to check out more photos, videos, and download his first mixtape, Mr. Freshman 2.0. And follow him on twitter!!! @AshtonTravis


So a few of my favorite guys have started their own clothing line called King of Fresh, or KOF. I'm beyond excited for these guys, whom I all know personally and love to death. Their line has really been on the come-up in our city, but we need it to spread! Please support them in their efforts! They've recently gotten both Big Sean and Wale to check out their clothes, so hopefully you'll spot one of them sporting a t-shirt real soon!!
Follow the line on twitter @KOFclothing, and let em know you support with a mention or RT everynow and then! You can also follow the guys individually, @StefJ_KOF, @aBoogie_KOF, @JFields_KOF, @JayRalphie_KOF, and @KOF_phreshhDG. Visit their website too, which should be opening next week, www.kingoffresh.com, and like them on Facebook!!

I'm always willing and excited to help promo for people who I believe deserve it, and Ashton and the KOF team really do. They work extremely hard, and I know they will all be extremely successful in their endeavors!  I'm just happy to be a witness to it all!

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