letter to parents.

Uhm basically, I love you guys to death. So often I hear about people complaining about their parents and how they hate them and cant stand them and they constantly argue and yadda-yadda, &&Im so glad to be able to say that Ive never really had that problem with yall! I consider myself veryyy lucky for that. I guess yall have spoiled me :P since I always get almost everything I want. So I dunno what Im gonna do without yall for 5 years...well, the rest of my life! Daddy, you are the hardest working man in the world, but you always find time to throw a few jokes or craziness my way to make me laugh. I know I can come to with with help for anything, even though I never do. We dont see each other much, and I know you say I never talk to you, but that doesnt mean I dont love you and appreciate you with allllll my heart, because I definately do. &&Mama, you are the funniest person put on this planet and I know for sure I get my silly side from you. Thank you for always being there when I need you the most, even if you dont quite understand what Im going through. You guys are the best &&Im going to miss the hell out of you while Im in dc. Thanks for everything. Take care of my wittle sissy while Im gone. I love the fuhhhreak out of yall <33333

Love alwaysss,

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