With move in day drawing closer&&closer [8freakingdays], Im getting a little nervous about this whole roomie thing. Dont get me wrong, Ashley is super cool &&I honestly dont think we'll have any problems. But Ive never had to share a room with someone before...I mean duh at like sleepovers, but Im talking about we share the room 24/7...&&its gonna be our only space, like, this aint a house or apartment...its just a room! &&We just live there together until May! What if for some reason she doesnt like me?! Like my biggest fear is that people will ask her "oh, hows your roomate, do you like her?" &&she answers back with something negative like "ohh I dont really like her, shes so this and that and this...etc". I think Ill be cool to live with! Like seriously, Im the most anti-drama person ever. My only downfall would be my organization...lol. I mean those who know me know Im not the most organized person in the world, but allll that is going to change. I got storage containers on deck! My stuff is never going to be out of place, hahaha. But I really hope she likes me...that'll be devestating to me if she doesnt lol.


  1. She'll like you! :D
    The question is, will you like her? Lol. :P

  2. I have a reason to worry about whether or not my roommate will like me. I'm not the easiest person to get along with... Lol.


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