my weekend!

So idk if I ever said this, but shelby put together a fun filled weekend for me, kinda like a going away thing, but also to help me accomplish some things on my summer checklist that I wasnt getting done!

So on friday after I got off work, we all met up at shelby's house &&headed out on our mini roadtrip to murfresboro to go shopping at forever 21. Its not often that any of us go anywmore since nashville's xxi got flooded or whatever, so needless to say we were veryyyy excited about it lol. After that we were gonna eat at cheddars, but it was a 45 minute wait, so we ended up at casa fiesta :P It was sooo good! Then we hit up wallyworld real quick to pick up some things, then headed back to shel's house for our old fashioned sleepover. We stayed up till 5 in the morning talking about everything and everybody, reminiscing, telling stories, &&all that good stuff. The next morning about half the girls left, leaving me arielle and shel behind. Arielle had to leave by the afternoon, &&me and shelby were gonna go to the wavepool, but by the time we got ready &&out the house, we knew we wouldnt have enough time...so we headed out to ink gallery where she got her tragus pierced, &&I got my second set of tats! Ill do a seperate post about my tattoo once Im done with this one. Once we were done, we went to alex's house for her going away cookout, which was crazy lol. &&At the end of the night, we went back home exhausted :P

Im still tired, actually. Im running off veryyy little sleep. But it was all worth it, &&I had a GREAT time with my girls.

Thanks again, shelby!! &&Of course thanks to everyone who enjoyed the weekend with me!! :D

Pictures will be up soon!

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