Just a better view of the outfit I had on the other day...[idk why its flipped...lol]

The earrings are sooo cute, I wish you could see them better. They're like little coins...got em from a thrift store. DC thrift stores are like the size of department stores and have the BEST jewelry selection. Love it! The lace shirt is one of my favorite articles of clothing I own. Its obviously sheer, but I can still wear it with only a bra and not have to worry about looking half naked...as I did this day. I got it from taget. The denim vest is my favorite outfit putter-together. I can throw it on over anything and it just completes it! The wash is perfect, and its sized just right. This was also thrifted from DC, along with the 3 broaches on the pocket, which I just think are the best things ever. The neckalace and the green cargo pants i had on were from forever 21, and I had on my burlap toms, which are sadly falling apart already [I wear them almost everyday].

SPEAKING OF TOMS...have you guys seen the new ones for spring?!?!?!?!?!?!

they have coral....CORAL IS MY FAVORITE COLOR. and they have these AHHHHDORABLE crochet ones. My mom said she'd get me the crochet ones once I clean my room :D ahaha! But she's serious.

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